Hi, my name is Brody VanGoodLife…

For the majority of my life, I battled with my Mental Health and had no idea I was even struggling…

Starting as a young teen I searched for any experience that would take me out of this reality. Why, is a question I journeyed to answer before it was too late.

After western medical was unsuccessful in providing a solution to my challenges no matter how many medications I was prescribed I thought I only had two options.

Intensive rehab or death… I chose neither.

Beginning in 2016 I stopped playing the victim and started helping my self. I began reading self help books and attending meetings & events basically anything I could get my hands on until eventually I found the answer in the simple but powerful practice of breathwork.

This was not easy as I had built up a habit of getting WASTED smoking and drinking my life away every weekend since my early teens… this intensified in my 20’s leading me into more harmful environments using lethal drugs like ecstasy, mdma & cocaine. I could feel the life getting sucked out of me and the clock was ticking.

That was until I got to the ROOT of my mental, physical and emotional issues. Throughout my healing journey, I have used a combination of traditional ceremony, breathwork and trauma release therapy to free myself from stress, anxiety, anger, depression & all addictions. This has completely changed my image of myself, my self worth, my purpose in life and my direction to help others on a bigger scale.

In light of this new life, I started practicing breathwork under Angela Ditch and am now officially a certified Flow Breath Facilitator. (Nov 2021)

***Update 12/9/2021***
I am now very proud to say have been clean from drugs & harmful environments for over 577 days. 🏆

My goal with my new life and breathwork practice is to help you navigate what’s holding you back from what you truly want.

Are You Ready to Regain Direction and Unlock Real Potential today?

We welcome you along brothers and sisters!