Kinda a funny question right?

We have been breathing for god knows how long. But are you breathing optimally to activate and release stress, tension and trauma? This is a break down for you if you need a refresher!

First Oxygen travels in the breath into the lungs. From there it enters our bloodstream where it attaches to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells and continues to flow through your entire system.

Once the oxygen enters the blood stream it attaches to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells and continues to flow through your entire system.

While this is happening there is a muscle called the diaphragm. The diaphragm sits right at the bottom of your lungs in this upward looking ballon top shape. So when the diaphragm contracts it drops/flattens and the belly comes out and the rib cage expands.

Now the lungs themselves are like these little bags that hang inside the rib cage. So when the diaphragm contracts/flattens and the rib cage expands it creates the vacuum inside the lungs when those muscles pull the lungs apart. As the lungs pull apart, this is what draws the air into the body.

Sometimes people have this opposite. They actually suck in their belly when taking a deep breath. Is that you? No worries! Just try pushing your belly out while you breathe in.

Perfect, now all of that in the opposite Process is how you exhale. The diaphragm muscle that is flattened now relaxes and as it relaxes it rises and as it rises the rib cage comes back into its normal resting position which creates force in that vacuum space against the lungs which squeezes the lung shut which then allows the exhale to happen.
So it’s actually not the lungs that are doing the work. The lungs are responding to the movement of the diaphragm and rib cage!

Now there is a nerve pathway called the Phrenic nerve and it runs from the brain down through the body alongside the spine and attaches to the diaphragm of either side. There are also other nerves pathways that feed the outer and inner intercostal muscles along the ribs.

I know you’re probably wondering.. What do I need to know all this for?

Bear with me we’re getting to the good part!

Now, most of the time the only time these nerves are firing is on the inhale of the breath. The exhale is normally passive meaning no nerve pathways firings are required. The body just naturally goes back into its shape. When this is different is when we are forcing out exhale / purposely exhaling and using our muscles to pull the rib cage in and diaphragm up. This is the type of breathing style we teach you in Transformational Flow Breath. When we do this we are trigging the nerve pathways on the inner intercostal muscles, that way might normally not be firing.
In this beautiful exchange between oxygen and C02, we have a relationship happening and it all takes place in the exchange of the cell.

So lets drop into the cell for a minute. The cell itself has this little organism called mitochondria. Now the mitochondria is an organism that is not human it has its own set of DNA. This DNA is said to be circular instead of the normal spiralling helix. Mitochondria in science is known as the battery of the cell. Because what it does is it takes that oxygen that you give it through the blood and it uses that and glucose to make energy. When that happens a waste product known as C02 is produced.
When that C02 leaves it pulls more oxygen in. This is really the key to understanding. As carbon dioxide leaves it PULLS the O2 in. Kinda like a one value. Why do I tell you that? Cause C02 levels in your body are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

So lets talk about when they fluctuate. Phew! We are almost there. Good time to take a couple deep breaths ??
Okay. Alright So… If you are in an experience where you are finding yourself breathing rapidly and often shallow. aka Fast quick breathing. Lots of exhaling. What happens is you’re going to deplete your C02 levels. When that happens the hemoglobin does not get a message to allow oxygen to unbind from hemoglobin and go into the cells. So in other words, if there is no C02 being expelled from the cells there is no oxygen being pulled into it. Okay!
So even though the rapid inhales are producing oxygen rich blood. There is not enough C02 to trigger the hemoglobin to let it enter the cells. So then the cellular structure starts to become deprived or in deficit. As that happens the brain kicks in and says HEY we need more oxygen and so it tries to make you breath faster. Your mind fills with thoughts and your levels of C02 begins to drop. We have all seen people hyperventilate.
This is what is happening. They keep depleting the C02. Not enough oxygen is getting into the cells so the body starts activating the sympathetic nervous system triggering our fight/flight response.
Everything gets anxious. This is why we give people a paper bag when they are hyperventilating. Why? Cause they are going to re-ingest the C02 and this is going to rapidly increase the level of C02 in the body so that the oxygen will start exchanging into the cells and everything will calm down. Okay

Now the C02 level is something that we really pay attention to in the transformational flow breath. This is where we are educating people on how to consciously manage their C02 levels so that we can really amp up the oxygen delivery into the cells, right.
I personally believe a lot of people have been shallow breathing and this is causing a lot of disease in the body.
Got it? Okay, so It’s easy to realize the scientific facts so lets do a 360 and dive into the more spiritual view of this.

Everywhere around us, we’ve got this almost magical energy called prana the beautiful life force that moves to and through everything in the universe.

This spiritual force flows with and is activated in the breath. When we think about the inhale and all that oxygen travelling through the lungs and attaching to the hemoglobin. We are also talking about prana attached as well entering into the cells and being delivered to the mitochondria. Now one of the beliefs is that the mitochondria take that prana that spiritual life force and they translate through their chakra system. So in other words they take it from pure spiritual energy and convert it into beautiful, physical, usable real grounded energy.
They deliver consciousness into your form. That’s pretty cool!

When we just breathe as our body loves to do on its own it’s exchanging the Oxygen and the C02 beautifully. But when we breathe with awareness we are infusing the prana as well. We are activating prana or activating conciseness light codes in the body and waking up the cells themselves. When we wake up that consciousness in the body we evolve. In the Transformational Flow Breath process when we take a person through an hour experience of very deliberate breath patterns we are infusing so much consciousness that wakes up the body. We are able to sort out the deep trauma that we are storing in our cells. When we teach people to breathe optimally every single day, we are helping them to cope and be conscious in every moment thus mitigating and managing their stress levels and optimizing the state they are in so they can access so much more of their potential.

Okay, So quick recap..
Oxygen travels into the lungs, enters the bloodstream, attaches to the hemoglobin, travels around the body and is delivered to the cells. The cells use oxygen along with glucose with mitochondria to create energy. The byproduct is C02 which exits comes back to the lungs and is exhaled out. It’s the volume or pressure of C02 that pulls the oxygen from the blood into the cells. So if the C02 is too low. Then the blood will stay oxygen-rich but it won’t give it to the cells. This is what creates a lot of tension in the system.
When we are breathing with awareness, meaning we are present and conscious in our breath, following in it. We activate prana the life force and then that delivers our consciousness and our awareness into every single cell.
Got It. Good and when in doubt..

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