The only way for us to know ourselves as infinite being is by being its polar opposite. A finite being

Infinity is where all knowledge and spiritual knowings have came from. This is where churches, spirituality and every religion gets their meaning to try and describe infinity.

Finite is me, you our bodies and memories of this story and character.. the inside.

As long as you keep searching for infinity through a finite lens you won’t be able to see infinity. And that is the very chaos of our nature. We are infinity there is nothing to hold onto.

The experience you have is borrowed and so is the identity with it.

Wether you are dead or alive there is still life.
All there is, is life you never die and go nowhere. Energy can never be destroyed it can only be transformed.

It can change its form, meaning, purpose and story but it will always have the same quality. All is one.

There is no such thing as death. The only thing that dies is your physical character which you are pretending to be which is a borrowed experience.

What you call me. Is an established identity through your journey. As you progress in your journey of life you establish the sense of identity through your internal and external being. And one evokes another. By having an outside external world that I can view. I can now know and separate what I call myself the internal.

The external experience is just as much in relation to your internal. Your external is half of your identity as well as the internal.

1 is never 1. All is one but we can never appear as 1 thing

We are the source, We are what separates me from you, body from universe.

Time is a record or memory. We do not exist in Time because time does not exist. Our character exists in time. Time is no more real then the character you are living through. Which again is just a borrowed experience.

We fail to make the connection with most of these people/leaders/guru’s that we put on pedestals because we fail to realize that they were us.

But we have to appear different or separate to know them at all.

That is why a group of people can watch the same movie and all of them explain it in a different ways cause everyone has a different pair of lenses. Everyone is filtering what they are taking in, through their internal and external self. And you can only become as self aware as you are of the self.

So if you are unaware that the external universe is still just as much a part of you as the internal that is how self aware you will become.

So signs from the universe will not be signs from yourself they will be signs from a foreign identity or foreign deity or something beyond you. and some of you will call this fate. But these are people that are not actually living they are still asleep. Because they are playing the game of pretending and they have not yet become. That conscious creator which they wait for snd seek and think that are actually pulling the strings and manipulating what is happening here.

That is the meaning behind..

Know Thyself