In a world of Fake, everyone just wants to be Real.

Real with each other, Real with themselves.

That is impossible unless you take the Time and ask yourself..

Who Am I?

We don’t need to be defined by our past. So why do we continue to look at our lives and take it as face value.

We have the power within us to change.

If you don’t believe me just look at nature. It’s in a constant change and motion. Yet..

We feel we are stuck. Let me correct myself.. we Think we are stuck. Then we start to feel we are stuck then we start to believe It. Before you know it, that’s your life. Your current REALity

So what do we do?

Its very simple, We ask..

Who Am I?

Deep down, there is a core that makes up the totality of who you are and what you can become and in my humble option and study..

It is limitless.

Yes it will take Time.

You will have to Think with your head, Feel with your heart and Will with your hands.

Or put simply..

“Rome was not built in one day.”

The reason I love that quote is because it reminds us to keep focused on who we are becoming. Instead of dwelling on who we are.

This is the power of rethinking our reality.

It’s the first thing we can have control over. Is our thoughts.

Are you in the driver seat of your mind. Or is it on auto pilot?? Do you even remember which direction you set it?

“If you don’t know where your coming from, you won’t have any idea where your going”

Imagine going on a road trip that had no destination.

It might be fun for awhile but..

“If you don’t know where your going, eventually your gonna get lost”

Start today by writing out your definitions start small and keep it simple.

On a peice of paper write “I AM” then define who you are.

Review and repeat these definitions daily to start reprogramming your real reality and have the power to help yourself and others from ever feeling stuck again!

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And remember..

Just Breath, Keep it Real!