The 4 Directions of Discovery

The 4 Directions of Discovery programs are a step-by-step guide to a Healthy, Energetic Passion Driven Life.

In these programs, you will discover a combination of Transformational Breath experiences and enlightening missions that will Enhance your Real Authentic Purpose. Each program offers a uniquely sourced plan to guide you through the sequential steps to releasing the deepest of trauma’s and unlocking your divine purpose!

***Each direction is to be completed in series starting with the East, next is the South, then moving into the West, and finally finishing in the North.***

New Beginnings

East Direction

Start your journey with powerful breath activations & teachings that will leave you with a personalized practice you can continue in your everyday life.

Warrior Within

South Direction

An infusion of both the Air and Water Elements. Where we go to the depths of darkness to surface deep trauma that lies dormant stopping us from our most authentic potential. Those that are brave enough to attempt this direction will be granted with life changing breakthroughs and results. 

Find Your Purpose

West Direction

Walk the path and connect the Mind, Body and Spirit with the elements Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Get to the root of the fear and find your new direction from this point on.

The Harvest

North Direction

Learn the Realroutes way of trusting and stepping into your unlimited potential. Gain the tools and master the practice of becoming supernatural. Are you ready?

Experience IT ALL

The 5th Element


All 4 directions plus a bonus program


Experience the full 360 degree of RealRoutes Healing

Gain access to all 4 directions (East, South, West & North) + Bonus Manifesting Element


Create an Alchemy of Self Workbook

Design a uniquely created alchemy of self workbook to guide you on your path to achieving your fullest potential 


Connect with Personal Spirit Guides and Totems

Obtain a spiritual link to your spirit animal and design an empowerment statement that will keep you grounded on your journey


Discover the Ability to Manifest On-Demand

Learn how to consistently implement your unique personal potential and achieve your goals and purpose with ease.

Transformational Flow Breath

What To Expect

Before we find purpose, we must first find our direction. The 4 Directions of discovery allow beings to regain Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual harmony in their life. Giving them the ability to awaken their value and abilities providing them with the resources to experience life to their fullest potential.

You can expect to achieve heights you never thought possible. Through the combination of transformational breathwork and Brody’s personal alchemy methods he uses today you will infuse a system of daily actions that will give you the life changes, you have been seeking.

After completing the 4 directions programs you will have a uniquely curated map that you will use to not only keep you on track but discover the treasure that lies inside you.

Are you ready to find the gold and become the real you?

Results That Take Your Breath Away

I’ve done 2 sessions with Brody so far and can’t wait for the next! His natural inviting aura makes him the perfect person to walk you through a new experience like this. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to connect deeper with themselves and the world around them

Jordan R.

Mental Health Awareness Blogger, Cloudminee

I do quite a lot of inner work myself, so I wanted to see what new journey Brody had set out on.
If you've never done this before, I'd say it's a lifechanging experience, as you'll get a taste of what's out there in the cosmos. Who knows - maybe you'll get to travel around a bit like I did!
Brody does a fantastic job of guiding you through the experience while you just relax, listen, breathe, and explore.
Highly reccommended!
Tor Erik S.

Quantum Consciousness Coach, FML Project

I would like to say a HUGE THANKS to Brody for his detailed walk through experience for my breathe session! I have been in the healing sectors for 20 years and wow, what a session!
I was able to go depths in myself like never before because of the powerhouse Space Holder Brody is!
He brings the science and the freedom all into a flowing session! This gives you space and comfort you would hope to receive in releasing your past or traumas!
I am excited to continue on his Directions programs for all the next level releasing!!
Thanks Brody for your journey and gifts
Cheanise Bidulock

Medium & Healer, Cheanises Niches

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