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Real Routes Healing

Transformational Breath Activation to help you navigate through addictions, stress and trauma. Discover how to flow with your real direction and access limitless authentic today!



A blade of grass does not question when it needs to do. It just grows. We view growth that same way and do our absolute best to make sure our clients get transformational results each and every session. 



The difference between becoming, doing and knowing is trust. Our certified breath practitioners guide you through the process every step of the way. 


This is the energy that connects us all. We believe that we operate best when we move with and through this energy which is why love is the foundation to all of our sessions.

Flow Breath Activations

Guided practices providing a reconnective, source delivered natural healing experience using patterns of open-mouth breathing, breath suspension, underwater meditation and focus to infuse the body with oxygen and prana.

Results That Take Your Breath Away

I’ve done 2 sessions with Brody so far and can’t wait for the next! His natural inviting aura makes him the perfect person to walk you through a new experience like this. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to connect deeper with themselves and the world around them

Jordan R.

Mental Health Awareness Blogger, Cloudminee

I do quite a lot of inner work myself, so I wanted to see what new journey Brody had set out on.
If you've never done this before, I'd say it's a lifechanging experience, as you'll get a taste of what's out there in the cosmos. Who knows - maybe you'll get to travel around a bit like I did!
Brody does a fantastic job of guiding you through the experience while you just relax, listen, breathe, and explore.
Highly reccommended!
Tor Erik S.

Quantum Consciousness Coach, FML Project

I would like to say a HUGE THANKS to Brody for his detailed walk through experience for my breathe session! I have been in the healing sectors for 20 years and wow, what a session!
I was able to go depths in myself like never before because of the powerhouse Space Holder Brody is!
He brings the science and the freedom all into a flowing session! This gives you space and comfort you would hope to receive in releasing your past or traumas!
I am excited to continue on his Directions programs for all the next level releasing!!
Thanks Brody for your journey and gifts
Cheanise Bidulock

Medium & Healer, Cheanises Niches

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